Most tuners need an alignment. Aging compenents and oxidation can affect your alignment. The slightest adjust can make the differece between having total harmonic distortion of .3% and .003% or separtion of -20db and -50db. Often these alignments were off from the factory.

 Common indictation you need an alignment. Doesn't tune correctly, no stereo operation, always muting, hard to receive stations you use to get.

 For tuners that need only alignment or simple repair I can usually turn these around within a couple weeks.

 Most repairs are simple and inexpensive. If a repair appears to be extensive. Then the tuner will have to go into the restoration / modificaiton queue

 I'm still offering different levels of alignments, but three pin ceramic filters are now obolete, so matched sets are becomming extremely hard to come by and may not be cost effective.