Offering full service for FM tuners. From clean and alignment, partial, full restoration, or modifications for better fidelity or RF performance.

Restoration includes a though and complete cleaning of the tuner. Including all controls and front-end variable tuning cap.  Replacement of any burned out lamps. Full alignment and calibration.

Full restoration would include replacing all electrolytic capacitors which dry out and change value with age. Partial restoration may only replace Power supply and select other capacitors. 

Modification will vary with the tuner since there are many differences. Common modifications are power supply upgrade with larger caps, new zener diodes, and fast rectifiers. Upgrade to audiophile quality coupling caps. Upgrading antiquated opamps to the latest high performance versions. Adding an IEC power connector, Gold RCA and the addition of F type coaxial connector.

Radio X Tuners always tries to work with your budget to get the most bang for the buck with your want the works and taking your to its full potential or just improving it for the greatest value.