Local drop off is available. But I do work a day job so time must be arranged ahead of time.

Preferred shipping method is Fed-ex ground / Home delivery.

To get on my queue, I have to receive your piece of equipment.

Some do's and don't's.

Don't use newspaper or packing peanuts. 

Don't use a box so big it hard to carry. You are gauranteeing that it will get dropped and abused.

Don't use tons of tape to wrap your tuner. It make it hard to reuse the packing and difficult to handle while unpacking and could result in damage.

Don't make it a puzzle to unpack and repack. I'm never going to be able to reproduce it.

Do use plenty of bubble wrap or foam to protect the glass and tuner.

Do remove the any knobs that extend threw the glass.

Make sure your contact information is on and inside the box.

If sending for alignment only. Mark Alignment on the outside of box.