Another personal tuner from my living room system. Completely rebuilt with upgrades to the power supply. Larger caps and stealth rectifiers. Completely recapped. Upgrades to the audio coupling caps using either Wima film or SilmacII’s with polypropylene bypass caps. The outputs amps have been upgraded with a custom adapter board to run a standard DIP8 Dual opamp. The Dolby output was changed to standard 75use fixed output. The AM band switch has been modified to use in FM to disable the quartz lock. The condition is good to very good. Shows signs of ago. Face looks great. Some marks on the cover. The RCA’s were oxidized, so replaced with gold RCA’s. At asking price further upgrades could be done. IEC power connector and bulbs upgraded to LED. Considered one of the best tuners in the world. This is the 6th one I’ve owned and the best performing one so far. I’ll regret selling it, but being in the tuner business is such.   $2800.