Fresh off the bench. This new arrival was rebuilt with extensive modifications. The power supply was rebuilt with 10x the capacitance on the main filters. Fast/soft recovery rectifiers installed. Received with a broken dial cord. It’s freshly restrung. All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced. A IF adder board was used for narrow to remove the SAW filter and use 2 3 pin ceramic. Matched 220khz filters were used. The MPX/Audio buffer board has been reconfigured and simplified. Adapter boards installed to run a standard DIP 8 opamp. Sparko discrete opamps were installed. The de-emphasis was updated with precision components. The 25usec dolby outputs were changed to 75usec standard fixed output. Audio coupling caps have been increased in size with Elna SilmacII caps with Wima polypropylene bypass caps. No changes have been made to the lighting all lamps are working and original. No changes have been made exterior. The condition is very good, but there some signs of age. Some minor scratches. Looks great. Additional modifications can be done at the asking price. LED dial lamps, gold RCA’s and IEC power connector. These tuners are joy to look at, use and listen to.  This tuner is absolutely one of the best sounding TU-9900’s in existence. $1900.